BlueLed – The World's First Joystick Controlled Smart Suitcase

Presenting the future of travel in the palm of your hand.

BlueLed - the world's first joystick controlled smart suitcase is redefining the suitcase industry with its unique design and motorised technology.

Its accurate and discrete joystick enables you to easily manoeuvre around obstacles and through crowds of people - all while having your belongings within view.

Take command of BlueLed and experience a whole new way of travel.

BlueLed is efficient, functional and fun!
Remote Controlled
so you can enjoy hassle free, hands-free travel.
What's more? The joystick connects easily with the push of a button
Omni wheels
allow the suitcase to rotate 360 degrees so you can enjoy excellent manoeuvrability on any terrain
Quiet, powerful, electric motor
so you can travel in style
Frontal pocket
for easy access to laptops, books, electronics and other travel necessities
  • Royal Blue

  • Burgundy Red

  • Matt Black

  • Matt White

Two USB ports with protective rain covers
enable you to charge up your electronics on the go
Portable battery
makes BlueLed fully compliant with TSA regulations so you can breeze through airport security
Speeds up to 13 km/hr or 8 mph
so you can swiftly reach your destination
Driven vertically and horizontally
so you can navigate the suitcase around obstacles or through crowds of people with ease


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Price: $999
Discounted Early Bird Price: $399

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